Welcome to the official website of Ra Naari Parishad

Ra Naari Parishad (RNP) began in the wake of the 1987 Military Coup as a response to assisting rural Fijian women of Indian descent who were affected within the rural Ra community. It was officially incorporated in 1989 and has today grown to where it is a fully-fledged NGO.

RNP’s focus is on improving the lives of all women of Ra by empowering them, through many different projects towards independence and self-sustainability. This is achieved by working through registered Women’s Clubs who meet on a regular basis as well as with donor agencies.

Whilst many projects have been initiated, some of the bigger ones have been the implementation of bee farms, an organic nursery and a fish farm. In addition to the projects, workshops and training programs are continuously held on topics such as Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Disaster Management, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellbeing etc.

Ra Naari Parishad continues to grow and new projects and workshops are ongoing.

Giving is an action of Love!

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